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Our Chakra system allows us to create our physical experience through the power centres of our body. Imbalances in our Chakra system may result in creating unwanted situations in our life by focussing too much or too little energy, which will ultimately result in physical ailments.


This reading will identify the Chakras that are currently out of balance, and will allow you to understand where to adjust your focus to create a more balanced lifestyle.


The reading will include a 30 minute Skype session where we will discuss what practical new actions you can take to rebalance your Chakras.

Chakra Analysis Reading

  • You will need to provide certain information in order for me to do this reading, as included in the Booking Form which you will receive after confirming your booking.


    After providing this information, I will contact you to organise a suitable time to do the Skype session.  Please note it may take up to 2 weeks for a reading to be completed, but may be done sooner.