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A Soul Realignment™ reading includes a detailed Soul Profile analysis, bringing clarity on your unique gifts and talents at Soul Level.  The reading will also provide details of your Soul specialisations and the main theme that you are here to experience in your current life.


The reading will also provide details of past and present life blocks and restrictions on your Soul record, which are limiting you in creating the life you wish.  You will gain an understanding of why certain patterns continue to show up in your life, and provide an opportunity for you to clear these blocks and start making new choices that powerfully align to your true Soul nature.


The reading will include a 60 minute Skype session where we will discuss how these patterns are impacting you currently, and ways that you can start shifting these negative karmic patterns in a practical way in your everday life.

Soul Realignment™

  • You will need to provide certain information in order for me to do this reading, as included in the Booking Form which you will receive after confirming your booking.


    After providing this information, I will contact you to organise a suitable time to do the Skype session.  Please note it may take up to 2 weeks for a reading to be completed, but may be done sooner.